iphone front page is now Completely Redesigned and Somewhat Responsive

by Terrell Clarkon September 10, 2014
If you hadn’t noticed, after the live keynote yesterday, Apple updated their site with a completely redesigned layout. As you can see from the image above, it looks quite different than it use to. They’ve completely flattened out the design of it and made it kinda responsive.   Now you may ask, what do you mean […]
tech habit weekly 29

Tech Habit Weekly 29: Apple’s Keynote, The Aftermath

by Terrell Clarkon September 10, 2014
Join Bob and Dontae as they discuss the iPhone 6 and 6 plus, as well as the Apple Watch and Apple’s new mobile payment system, Apple Pay. Tech Treats of the Week:  Social: Twitter: @cpukid, @KCNightmare, @1P4Terrell, @1P4T YouTube:
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Apple Pay is Apple’s Entrance into Mobile Payments

by Brian Tompkinson September 9, 2014
Apple announced via its special event that is entering the mobile payments arena with Apple Pay and that all three devices announced today – iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch will include the NFC backed payment service. Apple Pay: Will use NFC, Touch ID and a Secure Element chip to keep users credit card […]

iOS 8

Apple releases iOS 8 Golden Master to Developers

by Terrell Clarkon September 9, 2014
Earlier today at Apple’s event they announced iOS will be available to everyone on the September 17th, but today they are releasing the GM to developers. This update is not available OTA (over the air) so you will have to actually go to the developer portal and login to download this firmware. After doing so you […]
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Apple Officially Enters Wearables with Apple Watch, Starts at $349, Ships Early 2015

by Brian Tompkinson September 9, 2014
As expected, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook unveiled “One More Thing” -“Apple  Watch” to thunderous applause at todays special event. Apple Watch: iPhone REQUIRED Sapphire crystal Four sensors on the back -built-in gyroscope, a heart rate sensor, and a Taptic Engine for input sensing Apple claims it’s accurate to 50ms and is the “most personal […]

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Apple Drops iPhone 5S to $99, iPhone 5C to Free on Contract, iOS 8 Coming 9/17

by Brian Tompkinson September 9, 2014
Apple is currently revealing the long-awaited Apple Watch right now, but not long ago the company revealed at its special event that it will be dropping the on contract prices of its iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. You can now obtain the colorful 8GB iPhone 5C for free with a new two-year contract or the […]

Apple Reveals iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

by Brian Tompkinson September 9, 2014
Apple CEO, Tim Cook took to the stage at a special event keynote moments ago to kick off the event by skipping the traditional rundown of Apple statics intro. Instead he offered a retrospective of the unveiling of the original Macintosh, the rebirth of Apple with the iMac and highlighting the MacWorld 2007 Keynote that […]
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Updated: How to watch Todays Apple Special Event Live

by Terrell Clarkon September 9, 2014
As you may know, Apple is holding a huge special event today and they have decided to stream it live. Normally when Apple streams their events they stream them on the events page, but this time it appears that it will be streamed on the front page of Apple’s website. So all you’ll have to […]

apple tv 3

Sources say Cable Executives will be at Todays Apple Event Probably for the Apple TV

by Terrell Clarkon September 9, 2014
It’s been rumored for a while now that Apple has been in talks with some of the cable companies to bring more content to the Apple TV. There hasn’t been a new Apple TV released since 2012, which leaves us to believe that Apple will be releasing an all new Apple TV today. But according […]

You Can Take Your Inbox Back With This Email Subscription Service

by Chevan Bakeron August 26, 2014
Have you ever taken a look at your email inbox and noticed the constant surplus of newsletters that are accumulating and overflowing your inbox with junk?  If you fit this category, there is a service that called that pairs with and scans your email to compile a list of all of the subscriptions that […]


T-Mobile Quadruples Simple Starter Data With New Option

by Brian Tompkinson August 25, 2014
T-Mobile has announced that early next month it will be adding a new $5/mo option to it Simple Starter plans that quadruples the amount of data a customer is allowed.
7 mac

These 7 Awesome Mac Apps are Free for a Limited Time

by Brian Tompkinson August 23, 2014
Like many many of you, we love StackSocial and the awesome deals to be had on the site. For those of you not in the know, StackSocial “is a marketplace for people to discover, share, and buy innovative apps, gadgets, and online tools across the world.” It is a fantastic service that offers hand-picked unique, helpful, and […]

Has Facebook Messaging Gone Too Far?

by Chevan Bakeron August 11, 2014
By now I’m sure that if you use the Facebook app, you have been made aware (via Facebook) that their messaging service is no longer available within the Facebook app, resulting in users being forced to download their Messaging app if they would like to message and chat with their friends.  Shortly after the messaging […]


Technology of the Time: 1984 Seiko Smart Watch

by Chevan Bakeron August 8, 2014
This Seiko Data 2000 smart watch was introduced in 1984 and was a pleasant piece of technology during the 80’s. It included a dot matrix display, bright orange buttons, a matte black finish, and included a keyboarding docking station. Aside from telling the time, this watch had the following capabilities: Memo storing Appointment storage Calculator […]

Late Night Tech Deal-Lite: iPad Mini $209.95, HTC One M8 $449.99 & More!

by Brian Tompkinson August 8, 2014
Can’t sleep? Checkout some of the Late Night Tech Deal-Lite gadget deals we have compiled for you. New LG Google Nexus 5 16GB – Black Factory Unlocked D821 Inetrnatioanl Model – $329.99 - Free Shipping 6% off listing price – 44% off retail price -TODAY ONLY! !  ENDED HTC One M8 (Latest Model) – 32GB – Gunmetal Gray […]


Impulse Purchasing is Going to Explode With Amazon Same-Day Delivery Service Expansion

by Brian Tompkinson August 6, 2014
Amazon Same-Day Delivery Service Expansion: As if you need more reasons to shop Amazon, the company delivers another and this one promises to lead to some serious uptake in impulse purchasing as the company announced that is expanding its instant-gratification “Get It Today” same-day delivery service to customers in Baltimore, Dallas, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, and Washington DC metro areas. The company also expanded the service to a much […]

Dan Hesse and T-Mobile Out For Sprint

by Chevan Bakeron August 6, 2014
Sprint has announced that effective August 11, Dan Hesse will be replaced by Bolivian native and Sprint director, Marcelo Claure.  Dan Hesse has been leading the company since December of 2007 as the company was in the midst of losing customers and money and struggling to overcome service and technical problems due to its sour […]

Sprint Welcomes iPhones To the Sprint Framily Wall

by Chevan Bakeron August 4, 2014
Today Sprint iPhone users will now be able to join the rest of the Sprint family with the Sprint Framily Wall, which was previous limited only to Android members.  The Sprint Framily wall is a private social space and to that provides many similarities to social apps such as Kik and GroupMe.  But what separates […]


Technology of the Time: 1917 Holt gas-electric tank

by Chevan Bakeron August 1, 2014
The Holt Gas-Electric Tank was the first true tank that was constructed by and for the United States by the Holt Manufacturing Company and General Electric.  Holt had already been known for the production of its Holt tractors and they thought that the collaboration with the General Electric Company was going to allow them to […]

Leaked Comcast Customer Audio Shows The Bad [Audio]

by Chevan Bakeron July 30, 2014
Last month, Ryan Block, who is former member of Engadget and now at AOL, called Comcast to cancel his subscription and was thrown into a long frustrating and drawn out desperate attempt to keep his service.  The eight minute call, which was uploaded via Soundcloud, displays Block’s frustration with the company’s representative and has left […]

BlackBerry’s Comeback!

by Chevan Bakeron July 29, 2014
BlackBerry has announced that it will acquire a small German encryption company named Secusmart, which is a company that specializes in both voice and data encryption.  With that being said, Secusmart is already being used by government officials in Canada and Germany thus hinting that BlackBerry plans to use Secusmart’s technology to help revive itself […]